Improving your Pitch

An elevator pitch (so-called because it can be delivered in the same amount of time you would spend in an elevator with someone) is a short, punchy overview about your product, service or project.  The pitch is perhaps the most important part of any sales communication: after all, first impressions count. 

Aorta Sales will show you that a pitch shouldn't be a unique selling proposition: it should be a unique buying proposition.  In other words, don't sell what you think you've got.  Sell what your cleints are looking for. 

Why exactly would a client buy your product or service?  What would trigger their need and what would prompt them to buy?  The answers to these questions will be different to a pitch about the qualities and USP or your product or service. 

We will equip you with the skills to put together a unique buying proposition, so that you improve your pitch.