General Coaching and Mentoring

Tailor-made coaching and mentoring fills the gaps left by traditional sales training.  Aorta Sales coaching and mentoring will work with individual sales people on a one-to-one basis to identify their specific needs.  Everyone is different.  We will develop each sales person's individual skills, working with their personal strengths to foster a more productive member of the team.  From body language to personal motivation, we will identify what makes your sales people tick and will equip them with the skills they need to build on their strengths.  We work with individuals to spot weaknesses, problems or underlying issues, and have a great track record for turning people around, making them happier and more motiviated long-term members of staff. 

Aorta Sales coaching will work with your in-house systems and provide coaching in:

  • Sales forecasting
  • Telephone sales
  • Prospect meetings
  • Pipeline management
  • CRM and other tracking systems 

Our aim is to make each individual member of your sales force effective, impacting directly on your bottom line.  Mentored sales staff reduces churn and increases motivation, boosting profitability for your organisation.