Focusing on Individuals

All too often, sales training can overlook the individual.  Aorta Sales coaching focuses on one-to-one mentoring.  Although it is generally accepted that sales people share common characteristics, no two people are the same.  Each person has a different personality with diverse strengths and weaknesses.  Aorta Sales will identify these attributes and enhance them with proven techniques, giving your sales individuals tailor-made skills.  We work on common problem areas, including:

  • Confidence
  • Communication skills (knowing when to keep quiet, as well as speaking up!)
  • Working with management
  • Procrastination 

Your entire sales team will gain from our individual approach.  They will benefit from more motivated, refreshed, happier colleagues and you will benefit from the increase in profitability that a well-coached sales team brings.  You will be left with a team of articulate, knowledgeable sales individuals, working together towards a common goal which they all understand.