Approach to Sales

Over a number of years in the business, operating at the moment for around two dozen different clients, across a wide variety of industries, across the UK, and parts of Europe, we have established a well proven formula to fully understand your company, your products, services and very importantly your targets, objectives and expectations.

This understanding allows us to formulate a sales model which has a direct impact on your sales and sales strategies.

With a full understanding of your company and what makes it work, employing our own field sales, telesales and relationship sales personnel, we can then build, sustain and nurture your business expansion and growth.

This frees you and your management to either work alongside us, preparing for commercial / expertise transfer, or focus on other aspects and priorities of the business. 

  • Our initial (well tried and tested) approach, is to undertake a Sales Workshop

A sales workshop is (normally) a three day session which consists of:

  • Day 1: A days brainstorming / info gathering, on-site with you, our  client. We cover everything. What you've done, what has worked, what hasn't, what channels you have used, what partners you have, how you have sold, we analyse the product and service offerings etc. etc. We define and agree your success criteria, targets, objectives and aspirations.
  • Day 2: is a day off-site. We undertake due diligence, qualify what we learned on day 1, we carry out competitor research, analysis and orientation, if your company is large enough to be practical we undertake mystery shopping and generally test the organisational capability, all orientated around preparing for:
  • Day 3: back on site, where we present three primary deliverables:
    • 1.  A high level sales strategy, how we would recommend you/that they approach the markets that are sought, to achieve the results desired, etc
    • 2.  A PowerPoint presentation of the company / products / services back to you or themselves, essentially we pretend to be you/your client, and you/they play the role of their own prospects / customers. A very useful and illuminating exercise. Very powerful, always interesting and always entertaining!
    • 3. We present a fully costed outsourced sales proposal covering usually a monthly retainer and a variable commission based success element.

The cost for this workshop is £4,500, plus expenses, plus VAT, but with a FULL GUARANTEE(*).

If for any reason, upon completion of the workshop, there is not complete satisfaction with the information, materials and content that have been produced, then no charge is made, it is as simple as that. 

(*) terms and conditions apply, please ask for details.